Wednesday, August 27, 2008

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Remorse is a complicated thing and it is made-up of so many components that blur the mind to the past and the present. We become confused between "what was done that cannot be changed" and "what is not yet done".

The cups are already swept away by the currents. One cannot go back; to dwell in the past is futile when we are at the present. Pining away for what we lost blinds us to what we have.

4 of Cups

When we are broken; it is hard to feel anything else but the pain. However, broken bones do not mean a broken spirit. It is hard to pay attention to blessings when conflict looms large around us, demanding urgent attention. Abundance and blessings the universe has to offer is enough to go around even when it does not appear so.

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2 of Cups

I have been away; chained by reality in a place I call the Glass City. There I met people who carry the burden of labour upon their backs and it is as kindred spirits that we walk alongside each other. We spoke not of slavery though the weight of its heavy hand bore down on us each day.

Then one day, not so long ago I met the Soothsayer and he asked a boon of me. He sent his wish encrypted in an ancient language so that none may read it. In truth, even [i]I[/i] could not read it, :confused: thus I made the grave mistake of guessing what the words meant.

In doing so, I unleashed a blessing that is both a bane and a curse upon the Soothsayer. I swear I did not know!

He had asked to find his beloved and he knew not who she was except that he felt the loss and it was an emptiness that grew each day until it consumed him whole. So I drew them both a face, in a place that is hidden from prying eyes that they may find bliss in each others' arms.

Should one give up one's wish for the sake of propreity or would it be alright to be in love for once knowing it would not last? The Soothsayer would walk along a thin line of deceit in the name of love.

I called upon a minstriel friend who wrote about his own lost love to help make this real. And that was how an artist and a poet came together to help seal the fates of those who wished for what is forbidden in the eyes of soceity.

It has came to pass; it is too late to turn back the clock but in my heart, I knew something was amiss. The Soothsayer asked for someone beyond his reach and though they may be together for a moment frozen in time, the affair is doomed from the very beginning.

What have I done?

Excerpt taken from the diary of a broken soul - The Poet Mimi's Diary

I could not abandon you to loneliness;
So... to the ends of the world, I came searching for you;
Chasing a thousand phantoms that are but shadows of you;
I see your footsteps frozen on the ground;
Your trail's gone cold;
But I refuse to leave you to the emptiness at the edge of the world;
Prophecies fulfilled, I am trapped in a web you spun;
A web you've spun for me.

Ace of Cups